Ebook Review – Auction Profits Unleashed


Lee McIntyre is a teacher who has already successfully sold digital products online in the teaching niche. Although Lee has only been trading online since 2006 he is a true success, selling 600+ copies of his first Internet Marketing ebook, Auction Profits Unleashed, during pre-launch alone.


Auction Profits Unleashed explains how Lee McIntyre uses eBay to generate leads for digital products and squeezes every last drop of value from the site. Best of all, Lee explains how to automate the whole process. The topics covered include:

– Why eBay is an Internet Marketer’s Best Friend!!

– Finding an Online Market to Serve!!

– Creating a ‘Premium’ Digital Product!!

– Setting up a Sales Page for your Product!!

– Getting an eBay Account and Getting some Feedback!!

– Using eBay to Generate Leads!!

– Preparing your Auto-Responder to Follow Up with Leads!!

– Choosing a Delivery Method for your Digital Product!!

– Developing your Marketing Funnel Further!!

Lee begins the ebook by explaining what a typical day as a school teacher involves for him. This is usually a 7.30am – 6pm shift at the school, plus one hours marking, four times a week. He does this simply to explain that if someone like him can find the time to make money online – then other people can too.

After this he moves on to explain ‘Why eBay is an Internet Marketer’s Best Friend’. As you probably already know eBay is one of the top ten ‘most visited’ websites on the Internet. Furthermore, visitors to eBay are ready buyers although the critics argue that these buyers are penny pinchers and bargain hunters. What may surprise you is that Lee agrees with these critics BUT thinks it makes eBay an even more attractive place to market your products. He believes that this bargain hunter mentality can actually be used to improve your sales. Lee then sums up his thoughts with a story about his Grandma (and her bargain hunting tendencies) and how his Grandma may actually spend more money whilst trying to get a bargain. Overall, I liked this chapter and I found it was a really good answer to the critics who say the digital product market on eBay is dead. I particularly liked Lee’s example which involved his Grandma and found it a good conclusion to the chapter.

In the next chapter Lee moves on to discuss ‘Finding an Online Market to Serve’. He begins by stating that although there is a lot of money to be earned on eBay by selling your products, there is even more money to be earned if you follow up with your customers and sell them a premium digital product. Following this, Lee goes on to discuss how to research the potential demand for a digital product, using the niches of weight loss, credit repair and classroom management (a niche which Lee has already had success in). He then goes further and shows readers how to assess the potential for a digital product in a specific niche with multiple tools including; Overture, eBay, ClickBank and Google. This chapter does contain some good information. I found the section where Lee explains the difference between determining demand in a market and demand for a digital product in a market very insightful and helpful. However, I believe Lee could have been a bit more concise in explaining his ideas in this chapter.

In the fourth chapter Lee moves on to cover everyone’s favourite topic; ‘Creating a Premium Digital Product’. He begins by explaining the different kinds of digital products that you can potentially create and then states which type of digital product is his favourite. Next, Lee covers the three basic options available to you if you want to create a digital product (which unfortunately I can’t list for you here). For each of the three options Lee explains the pros, the cons and makes suggestions as to how he would go about creating a digital product using that method. He also states how he thinks each option should be best utilised. With a topic as popular as digital product creation there are always going to be other texts out there which cover the topic in more detail. However, in this chapter Lee has a good stab at it, providing some very useful advice for those creating their first digital product and he covers all the required bases. Overall, this chapter provides an excellent, concise and informative summary of a potentially tricky subject.

Following this Lee moves on to cover ‘Setting up a Sales Page for your Product.’ When I read this chapter it reminded me a lot of my own experiences when creating my first sales page. The first very valid point that Lee makes in this chapter is to NOT do everything on the cheap. Based on my own experiences I really agree with what Lee says here because if you do everything on the cheap then you and your products look cheap. Next he moves on to cover the actual writing of your sales letter. Lee provides readers with a basic ten point template of what a sales letter should include and then provides some more general writing tips to readers. He then finished the chapter with some tips on formatting your sales letter. Overall, I felt this chapter wasn’t as strong as the others within Auction Profits Unleashed. The ten point plan is a good template to follow when writing your sales letter, but a lot of the information is quite subjective and I didn’t learn anything significant after reading it.

In chapter six ‘Getting an eBay Account and Getting some Feedback’ is covered. This is a rather short chapter and to anyone who has been using eBay for some time it will contain little new information. There are some basic feedback management tips included but nothing I didn’t already know.

After this Lee moves on to describe how eBay can be used to generate leads. I can’t reveal the actual method he uses here because it would reveal all the secrets behind Lee’s ebook, and that is not what I intend to do with these reviews. However, I can reveal that it is a very valid method for generating leads and one that I use myself. Overall, this is a really crucial chapter and contains some great information which I would recommend everyone should act upon. I’ve lost count of the times I have heard the phrase “The money is in the List” but the frequency that this phrase is used only goes to show that generating leads is key to your success online.

Once you have your leads on the list you then need to follow up with them and that is exactly what Auction Profits Unleashed covers in the next chapter. First, Lee covers the two autoresponder options available to you; a Self Hosted Solution or a Third Party Solution. He explains which is his favourite and why. Next he goes on to finish the chapter by covering how he would approach follow up communication with customers. Again I found Lee makes some good points in this chapter but it’s a very subjective topic for which everyone has their own opinion. Overall, this section does act as a good guide (which can be modified according to personal preference) for people looking to start their first mailing list and autoresponder series.

Following on from this Lee goes on to discuss ‘Choosing a Delivery Method for your Digital Product’. I personally use My Digital Dispatch for my digital delivery but Lee covers both E-Junkie and DLGuard in this chapter. Since I haven’t got any experience with these two products I can’t comment on how good they are. However, Lee does go into great detail explaining both systems and even includes screenshots. Although I haven’t used these two products, I do know that when selling online it is important to automate as many tasks as you can – including product delivery. In this chapter Lee explains how to automate product delivery in great detail and so overall it is a very useful chapter, containing great information, which can be easily followed and implemented.

In the final chapter Lee covers ‘Developing your Marketing Funnel Further’. In this section he suggests additional ideas to profit from the leads you have acquired from eBay. This section contains some useful tips which will allow you to generate additional revenue from your list and it is a nice conclusion to Auction Profits Unleashed. The information in this chapter isn’t groundbreaking but it is practical and easy to implement.

In conclusion, Lee has done a very good job with Auction Profits Unleashed. If you are selling on eBay and using the site only as a selling platform, then you are missing out on a lot of additional revenue. Using Lee’s ideas you can maintain your eBay sales whilst generating additional sales further down the line. The writing style is really easy to follow and the use of screenshots to explain Lee’s ideas is a great assistance too. Best of all, once set up most of Lee’s ideas run on autopilot. As an eBay seller myself Auction Profits Unleashed comes highly recommended and I give it my own personal seal of approval.


– The detailed step-by-step instructions with screenshots really help. You can implement the information as you read.

– I really found myself relating to a lot of Lee’s examples which allowed me to really connect with the information in Auction Profits Unleashed.

– The level of success Lee has achieved in such a short time online goes to show just how effective his ideas are.

– I was particularly impressed with the way Lee broke down the topic of creating your own digital product. It can be a hard topic to cover but Lee has made it really easy to understand.


– I feel Lee could have been a bit more concise when covering certain topics.

– Some of the material covered (such as writing a sales letter) is quite subjective. I got the impression that it was Lee’s own opinion rather than what is actually proven to work.

– I found the section on getting started on eBay and getting some feedback very basic and didn’t learn anything new.


I already sell my own premium product at theebookcavern.co.uk so I implement lots of the ideas Lee covers already. One thing I plan to act upon is the information in Lee’s final chapter ‘Developing your Marketing Funnel Further’. I feel it’s one area that I am not taking full advantage of currently.